Basics Of Load Testing

Load testing is one of the critical processes that are done not only to a computer system but also websites and software. It is an important process since it brings out the ability of the site to withstand the stress that comes from heavy use while testing other things such as the responsiveness and ability of the system to perform a given function. The load tests are important in determining the suitability of the software performance as compared to the previous software launched and those of the competitors. Load testing is done to bring out the behaviors of the system under normal use, peak use, and the downtime. Since load testing is a critical process in development of applications, it brings out strengths and weaknesses and thus improvements would be done before launching the application.

Software load testing. 

Different uses of software lead to different load testing methods. However, load testing for every software is necessary because it measures the ability of the software to perform a given task especially when the software would be under heavy use or it would be the server of many software. Software such as Word processor is tested by making them read large documents, however, when testing such software, it would be important to use the performance when in actual use rather than theoretical or analytical models. There are many different tools that allow for software load testing, including Dotcom-Monitor. You can visit their site by clicking here.

What is load testing of websites?

Using the actual performance behavior of the site when in use is a perfect for load testing the site. However, finding a given number of people to use the site simultaneously is hard, and there might be a shortage of the tools to use. The traditional ways of doing load testing for websites is using the script recorders that records the communication and interaction scripts for use in simulating the performance of the site. For multi-user software, load testing is used to analyze the performance by subjecting to software to use by different virtual and live users and monitoring the performance under different circumstances. It would be important to perform load testing is an environment similar to the production environment before allowing the software to be used to serve the clients.