Software Testing Development

Technology is a prime factor that has led to the development and improvements of various works if life. Improved technological advancement ensures that there is a continuous productivity in every organization. Updated systems that fit for the dynamics technology is an assurance to the company that they will perform and deliver to the user’s expectation without many breakdowns. Fast operations in the system is also a key thing that enables the user to carry out workloads efficiently without hiccups. Depending on the number of customers who visit the page and the workload desired to undertake, choosing the right developed software is an essential thing that should be considered in order to establish a good working condition.

Load testing is a process initiated whereby a software is subjected to various harsh working conditions to test its credibility and ability to solve the intended work. In this way, the software undergoes testing to ensure that it is capable of supporting its intended use. Stress testing, on the other hand, involves the user overloading the system until it fails to work normally. The two processes, load testing, and stress testing are aimed at making sure that the software at hand can withstand pressure during a long and tedious working loads. It is for this reason that the user will be able to establish the possible loopholes in the system and the right corrective channel can be generated to come up with the solution.

When performing load testing on your web page, it would be fundamental to use real life situation. According to Dotcom-tools, one of the important ways is recording the performance of the site when clients are on the page (read more on this site). Script recorder is established to register the communication and therefore the recorded scripts will be used to analyze the whole process. The text generator is important to check on the software and the hardware system to curb any shortcomings during an interaction with the system. It will ensure that the possible weak points are dealt with in the correct time. It will make sure that the working process is smooth all through without any unexpected interruptions. It is the company’s responsibility to hire a well conversant technician to make sure that there is a smooth running in the institution.

Stress Testing Meaning and How it is Performed

Stress testing in technology is the deliberate intense testing of a computer’s hardware or software performance to evaluate the impact of adverse and extreme or unfavorable conditions on its performance and determine the stability of the system under such abnormal operational capacities. Being that most systems are build with the assumption of normal operational conditions, stress testing is conducted thoroughly with an intensity that overrides normal operations which may lead a system to its breaking point just to observe the behavior of the system under such intense conditions. The objectives of stress testing include:

  • To ensure a system’s intended performances are met.
  • To determine stability of operations of a part or a system beyond
    normal operational standard usage
  • To determine the user limits of a system and obtain its breaking

How stress testing is performed

Stress testing is mostly performed by reliability engineers who conduct the tests under expected stress conditions as well as extreme stress conditions to prepare users on the operating life of a hardware or software and to record the causes of hardware or software failure for future reference. The process of stress testing can be performed as quantitative tests conducted in the lab like measurement of frequency of system crashes or frequency of errors during the testing process.

Stress testing in software is performed through breaking transactions of software by loading concurrent users beyond normal levels to determine the system’s weakest link even where the database does not have any load. This determines the ability of the software to handle errors that might occur under extremely heavy traffic loads to prevent it from crashing due to insufficient
resources. In CPU, stress testing is performed by establishing heavy system loads and testing for any hangs or crashes on theCPU to determine whether the CPU can withstand the heavy loads.

Hardware stress testing is performed by establishing abnormal environmental changes to ensure the stability of the hardware under adverse conditions. Website stress testing is performed through establishing abnormally heavy traffic or abnormal data to determine any limitations to any of the website functionalities.